Real Time Dog Training

Calm, Effective Training

Build A Strong Connection

Our cutting edge approach will help you have an amazing life with your dog.

A Kind & Gentle Approach

We do not use any harsh or harmful methods such as electric shock collars, sprays, force, fear, or shouting.

Natural Dog Training techniques to win your pet's mind.

At Real Time Dog Training, our practice uses leading-edge training techinques focused on developing a bond between you and your dog to improve your animal’s obedience. As your dog behavior specialist, it is my expertise in understanding how your dog thinks, it’s ability to learn, and communicates as well as body language. After considering your pet’s natural instincts, we’ll then show you how to be a confident dog owner and leave you feeling empowered. Our dog training methods will work for any pet – no matter it’s age, breed, size, etc.!

Dog Behavioral Issues

Learn how to put an end to your dog's problematic behavior and establish a new bond between you and your pet.

Puppy Management & Training

Teach your puppy proper obedience and behavioral habits at a young age!

Basic Dog Obedience

Learn how to effectively communicate with your dog so he will recognize you as the pack leader.

Welcome To Real Time Dog Training!

"Focused on winning your dog's mind first, so it chooses to listen."

Do you love your animal but sometimes don’t enjoy it’s behavior? Are they driving you a bit crazy? Real Time Dog Training is here to help!

Hello! My name is Jamie Page, owner and chief trainer of Real Time Dog Training. Like most pet owners, it can be very difficult to make time during the week to attend obedience classes. Plus, group training can be less effective! At Real Time Dog Training, we use leading-edge methods to treat your dog’s behavioral issues with practices your pet instinctually knows!

Areas We Serve:

Located in West Little Rock, Real Time Dog Training services clients throughout the greater Little Rock metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs daily!

If you do not happen to see your city listed above, please feel free to give us a call! We would be happy to discuss options in more detail.