About Us

About Our Dog Training & Behavior Services

At Real Time Dog Training, our mission is to show you how to be a confident dog owner and leave you feeling empowered.

Real Time Dog Training exists to help you have a better life and a better connection with your dog.

Hi! I’m Jamie, Dog Behavior Specialist and Owner Educator behind Real Time Dog Training. I’ve always been around dogs my whole life and felt a special connection with them. Over the years, I’ve checked out many different training approaches, and discovered a method that doesn’t rely on force, gadgets, or treats. The style of training I discovered addresses the underlying cause of the problem which helped my dogs calm down and relax, and helped me develop the amazing relationship I always wanted with my dogs!

After sharing my effective style of dog training with friends and family, I decided to start offering my services publicly, which is what I would love to share with you today. As your Dog Behavior Specialist, let me show you how you can become the pack leader to prevent future problems and have an amazing relationship with your dogs too!

As a graduate of the Dog Trainer Academy, I am using the training methods and approach recommended in this program.