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Dog Training That Lasts For A Lifetime

We unlock your dog's best behavior with our proven, psychology-based dog training that works with their natural instincts..

Watch as your dog transforms into a calm, cooperative, & well-mannered good boy or girl right before your eyes!

We use natural and gentle techniques based on your dog's own psychology.

Calm your dog

in seconds

We help your dog relax instantly so they’ll listen to and obey your commands, even in busy, noisy environments.



We use effective strategies that stop disruptive behavior like pulling on the leash and scary situations like dog-on-dog aggression.


Your Pup

We teach you why they act out and the surprising ways that you might be enabling or even causing bad behavior with your own actions.

Enjoy Dog

Ownership Again

Leave stressful situations and anxiety behind. We help you fall in love with your dog all over again and create good habits that last a lifetime.

Results in

Minutes Not Weeks

We use techniques you can use right NOW. You’ll see immediate changes in your dog’s behavior, without weeks of intensive training.

Training That Lasts
A Lifetime

We help your dog establish good behavior and habits, even at an early age to prevent negative experiences before they occur.

Does your dog ever...

  • Not listen to you when you call? Wish they would come right away when you called their name?

  • Jump on other people and frighten them? Would you love it if they calmly greeted visitors on all fours instead?

  • Bark at and act aggressively around other dogs? Wish your tail-wagger would go about their business in a calm manner around other pups?

  • Pull on the leash while you go on walks? Want to feel like the leader instead of being dragged around?

We can help solve ALL of that and MORE!

Dog Training That Solves The Root Cause, Not Just The Symptoms.

Does NOT rely on food bribes

NEVER uses yelling, fear or force

WITHOUT using harmful collars or gadgets

Does NOT require hundreds of ‘games’

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Jamie Page. My journey in dog training began in 2019. Through my work, I strive to help you have a better life and a better connection with your dog.

In my free time, I enjoy being outside with my husband, two daughters, and three dogs.

My mission is to show you how to be a confident dog owner and leave you feeling empowered.

I service these local areas...Little Rock, Maumelle, Benton, Bryant, and Hot Springs.

I can't wait to help you and your furry friend!

I have been certified through the Dog Trainer Academy, created by "Doggy Dan" who has trained & helped over 80,000 dogs through his method, the Dog Calming Code.

His Dog Trainer Academy provides a comprehensive & thorough understanding of how to establish yourself as a dog trainer using his "5 Golden Rules" of dog training. Using this methodology you are able to see results without the use of force or aggression and without relying on food as the motivation. (This usually occurs very quickly without much effort and most often in the very first session).

Training Packages

We provide proven dog training services that focus on owner education & dog psychology. We do this WITHOUT harmful shock collars, food bribes, yelling/fear tactics, or gimmicky games.

It's not about the tricks you can get him/her to do - it's about the lasting relationship you will forge with them.

In-Home Dog Training

If you want a truly personal touch, this option is for you!

I'll come to your home for a 2.5 - 3 hour consultation where I'll teach you exactly how to be the leader in your dog's eyes.

In your own home, I'll be able to guide you through the specific issues that you face in specific areas. We could even visit the park or sidewalk where the action normally happens.

With this option, you'll learn how to be the leader, solve your dog's problems, and train your dog - all from the comfort of your own home.

And as a bonus: follow up and access to me for your dog's lifetime is included.

We'll come to you!

We'll come to you! You'll become the leader and manage problem behaviour in your own home environment.

  • 2.5-3 hour private lesson in your home or local environment.

  • Detailed observation of your dog's behaviour & habits in his/her normal environment.

  • Complete explanation & training of The Five Golden Rules™ to being the leader.

  • Ongoing phone or email support for your dog's lifetime!

  • Bonus #1: Include any family members in our session to get everyone up to speed.

(No extra charge for travel under one hour!)

Get everything you need to see positive & permanent changes, beginning the same day.



You'll get everything in the standard package PLUS additional, personalized, at-home training teaching YOU the ins and outs of dog psychology.

  • 2-hour private lesson in your home.

  • 2-hour follow up lesson & 'train the owner' consultation.

  • Lifetime phone support.

  • BONUS: Lifetime access to a video library of over

    250 training videos where you can review everything we cover in our lesson and more!

Get In Touch

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Let's make your pup's tail wag with joy and pride!

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Happy Customers

Don't just take our word for it! Hear from our happy customers who have witnessed the transformation in their dogs almost immediately.

What a huge help from day 1. Jamie is very down to earth and has a great method to puppy madness. Just following the tips I learned day 1 has changed not only my pups behavior but, improved my day to day life. Highly recommend Jamie to any dog owner wanting a better human/dog relationship.

Jason Skinner

My wife and I decided to give this a try after a couple of other training programs had failed. We had a 1 year old dog that COULD NOT settle down and have a toddler with a newborn on the way. We knew that it was probably something that we were/weren't doing, but we could not make any progress. When Jamie came for the consultation it was surreal. It seemed like a switch got flipped in our dog, and she could finally chill out. The training was 2 weeks ago, and every single day since then has been SOOOO much better than before. My wife and I cannot believe how quickly our dog has turned it around (we talk about it daily lol!). I am sure that not every situation would turn out like this, but we honestly think that this was one of the best investments we have ever made! Jamie is great, and you can tell that she truly wants to help!

Ryan Painter

I cannot say enough good things about Jamie and the techniques she taught our family. Our dog, Roxie, has a bit of a confidence issue…she has too much! Jamie explained how to interact with her to get the behavior we desired and she included our two children in the training too, so they were a part of the process. We’ve already noticed big changes in only 2 days, and are so excited to see Roxie become the family dog we hoped for.

Lindsey Dixon

Real Time Dog Training